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The Possible Signs of Gum Disease

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A problem that can occur if you are not consistent with your oral health routine, such as brushing and flossing, is gum disease. However, how can you tell if gum disease is developing? We will list out the signs so you can tell if you have gum disease and need to treat it.

1. Your gums may change in these ways: they may become swollen and feel tender when you touch them. They may change color, turning red instead of the healthy pink.

2. Your gums may recede, meaning they may pull away from your teeth.

3. Your teeth may start to come loose. This does not mean they will fall out, but they may come out of alignment, which may keep them from matching up with each other.

4. Blood may appear when you brush and floss.

5. Pus may also start to gather in the areas between your teeth and gums.

6. You may notice a persistent bad taste.

7. You may also have a persistent case of bad breath.

If you notice these signs, please do not hesitate to visit us here at Kingston Dental Associates in Kingston, New York. Our dentists and our team have the tools and the training to treat gum disease and help you get your health back. To schedule an appointment and gather more information, please call us at 845-DENTIST.