Your canine teeth are the second most common type of teeth to become impacted, or “stuck,” in your mouth. Our oral surgeon provide treatments to help your impacted canines erupt properly and prevent infections and other problems from developing. Give us a call at 845-DENTIST to schedule your consultation with Dr. Edward Drescher at Kingston Dental Associates and learn to more about impacted canines in Kingston, New York.

Your canines (also known as maxillary cuspids or upper eyeteeth) are crucial in the dental arch, and play an important role in your bite. In fact, these teeth are intended to be the first teeth that touch when your jaws close together, and guide your remaining teeth into a correct bite. When these teeth become stuck and are unable to erupt properly, it can be very painful and may result in infection or other problems developing.

Impacted canines are typically diagnosed by a general dentist or hygienist, who will then refer you to a specialist for treatment. In some cases, you may be referred to an orthodontist. However, if the tooth will not erupt on its own, our orthodontist and our oral surgeon will work together to help the teeth emerge correctly. This typically involves using braces to open space for the tooth, followed by a surgical procedure in which the impacted tooth is exposed and bracketed in order to draw it into its correct position. It may take up to a year to finish moving the tooth into the correct position. Minor gum surgery may also be required to add gum tissue to the relocated tooth so that it remains healthy.

During your appointment, we will review all treatment options with you and develop a customized plan that will work for your individual needs, smile goals and lifestyle.

If you have any questions about our treatments for impacted canines, and to make an appointment with our dentists or oral surgeon, call our office today.