When you receive dentures, Dr. Steven Grossman and associates will provide you with instructions on how to properly care for your appliance. It is important that you follow these instructions in order to keep your dentures in good condition and to ensure that they function correctly. If you have any questions about denture care in Kingston, New York, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our dentists, call Kingston Dental Associates today at 845-DENTIST.

As with your natural teeth, practicing good oral hygiene and regular dental visits for cleanings and exams are crucial in keeping your dentures in good condition. Here are a few tips on things to should and should not do:


  • Clean your dentures daily by brushing them with denture cream.
  • Rinse your dentures after meals. Use cold water, not hot.
  • Inspect your dentures regularly for signs of wear.
  • Cover your dentures with water or a denture cleaning solution when you are not wearing them.
  • Keep all your regular dental appointments. Our dentists will examine your dentures and make any needed adjustments at these visits.
  • Follow all instructions provided by our dentist regarding wearing and cleaning your dentures.


  • Make adjustments or repairs to your dentures yourself. Only dental professionals are qualified to adjust and repair your dentures.
  • Use toothpaste or harsh and abrasive cleaners (such as kitchen cleansers) to clean any part of your dentures.
  • Rinse your dentures over an empty sink. We recommend filling a sink halfway with water so that your denture will not crack or break if it slips out of your hand.

For more information about denture care and to set up your consultation with our dentists, contact our office today.